The main vision of the GDA is to bring leading downstream players together for mutual benefits. This is achieved through innovative means of integrating the scattered knowledge and experience of different players into a common pool of best practices, case studies, lessons learned, discussion board, topic-focused trainings and access to relevant global resources besides hosting / leading conferences, seminars and workshops. Nominated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the founding and other member companies, selected leading technology providers and consultants work in cooperative spirit under the guidance and supervision of the GDA team to realise this vision.

Being a GDA member enables you to establish contact with industry leaders and executives, potential customers and influential decision makers such as Refining, Marketing & Petrochemical Companies, Government Authorities, EPC Contractors, Technology and other Service Providers, Consultants, Academia and Research Institutes, Retirees and Investors – both regionally and internationally. Membership gives your company access to GDA’s member companies, new business opportunities and markets, and to a wide range of GDA’s organised trainings, workshops, conferences and Technical Committees.

The GDA manages ten Technical Committees that meet every quarter to discuss key industry topics and create unique deliverables for GDA members:

  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Leadership & People Development
  • Operational Excellence
  • Project Management
  • Plant Reliability & Integrity
  • Energy Management
  • Industry Trends
  • Technologies
  • Research and Lab
  • Commissioning & Start-up
  • Digitalisation

As a GDA member you play an integral part in our association. We value expertise and knowledge and foster an environment of learning and development. Members are given the opportunity to stay on top of new technologies, keep their skills up-to-date, explore solutions to technical problems, share best practices and advance their team members’ careers.

  • Build a lasting and professional network with top experts from around the globe
  • Collaborate and share experiences, successes and lessons learned
  • Foster excellence in all activities of the downstream industry
  • Support and champion sustainability as a priority
  • Gain valuable insights at our events, workshops and seminars
  • Contribute and take part in the dialogue between industry leaders and decision makers

Our events provide unique opportunities and a strategic platform to connect face-to-face with influencers.

  • Biennial GDA International Downstream Conference & Exhibition – The Leading Downstream Conference and Exhibition in the Middle East
  • Regular trainings, seminars and workshops held at the GDA Headquarters, Founding Companies premises and in selected meeting venues

Your GDA membership includes the following:

  • Profile of your company and logo published on GDA website
  • Privilege to use GDA’s Members’ logo on various collateral, email signatures, presentations, company website
  • Access to potential business contacts and information
  • Access to statistics, market analysis, journals and abstracts
  • Dedicated log-in password to access the “Knowledge Hub”, the members’ portal on GDA website which allows interactive access to several portals, such as:
    • Ask the Experts
    • Lessons Learned
    • Case Studies
    • Discussion Board
    • Presentations
    • White Papers
    • Best Practices
    • Articles
    • Bite-Sized Videos
    • Reference Corner
    • Retirees Expertise Listing
  • Maximised members’ portal access based on membership tier:
    • Full Member: 100 sub-user
    • Associate Member: 20 sub-user
    • Business Partner: 5 sub-user
    • Knowledge Partner: 5 sub-user
  • Access to GDA library located at the GDA Headquarters
  • Attend Technical Committee / Stream meetings as a SME (by invitation)
  • Enrol in trainings with competitive fees / special GDA discounted rates
  • Quarterly Newsletter “GDA Flash” with news and updates
  • Introduction of new members in the Newsletter “GDA Flash”
  • Possibility of entering into collaboration agreements with GDA for mutual benefits
  • GDA Member’s Pin

We continue to explore and add more unique benefits to the GDA membership, including knowledge sharing tools, to become a beneficial and an instrumental partner for all oil and gas related companies, regionally and internationally.

Be part of the largest downstream community within the GCC.

For further information on the GDA membership program, existing members and partners, and events, visit or contact the team at  or +973 1711 6009.