World Petroleum Council


The WPC was formed in 1933 as a neutral, non-political, not for profit organisation. Today it has the same values and is registered as a charity in the United Kingdom. All profits from WPC events go into charitable concerns. The WPC has member countries which currently number 70. The WPC’s prime value is to facilitate dialogue amongst all stakeholders to find answers to key technical, social, environmental and management issues facing the industry; in order to provide affordable energy for all and contribute towards sustainable growth. The WPC is a neutral and non-political forum, bringing together the highest-level leaders from producers and consumers within a global platform to discuss the status and the future of the oil and gas industry for the benefit of all.

Our Vision is to be recognised as the premier forum promoting an enhanced understanding and image of the role of oil and gas in the current and future energy mix and its contribution to sustainable development for all.

Our Mission is to promote the development and utilisation of the world’s oil and gas resources and other energy sources in an efficient and sustainable way, for the benefit of current and future generations, with the purpose of providing:

  • an enhanced understanding of issues and challenges
  • networking opportunities in a global forum
  • a platform for dialogue
  • co-operation (partnerships) with other organisations
  • an opportunity to showcase the industry’s technical achievements
  • a forum for developing international business opportunities
  • knowledge dissemination via congresses, meetings and publications
  • initiatives for recruiting and retaining expertise and skills to the industry
  • promoting best practises in the production and consumption of cleaner energy resources
  • a clear picture of the continued role and importance of oil and gas in the global energy mix

We value strongly:

  • Respect for individuals and cultures world wide
  • Unbiased and objective views
  • Integrity in all actions
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Transparency, good governance and ethical behaviour
  • To do no harm to people and environment
  • Safety and security
  • Cross-national dialogue and networking
  • The views of other stakeholders

The WPC needs to be identified with our mission and flexible enough so that we can embrace change and adapt to it. We have to be:

  • pro-active and responsive to industry changes and not merely led by them
  • creative and visionary, so that we add value for our members
  • challenging, so that our goals and actions require effort to attain but are realistic and achievable
  • focused, so that our goals are clear, transparent and understandable to all
  • safe and responsible, conducting responsible operations and encouraging others to aim for the highest standards