A Energy defines modern life. It lights, heats and cools our businesses and homes, it gets us from A to B, and it is increasingly safe, sustainable and reliable.

But the story of energy is only part told. Shifting to low carbon at the same time as opening up access for the world’s growing population is one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity.

Ingenious people - innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers - make all of this possible.

The Energy Institute (EI) is the chartered professional membership body bringing global energy expertise together.

We’re a unique network with insight spanning the world of energy, from conventional oil and gas to the most innovative renewable and energy efficient technologies.

The global energy industry, the people working in it and wider society all benefit from the EI’s work.

We gather and share essential knowledge about energy, provide the skills that are helping us all use it more wisely, and develop the good practice needed to keep it safe and secure.

We articulate the voice of energy experts, taking the know-how of around 20,000 members and 250 companies from 120 countries to the heart of the public debate.

And we’re an independent, not-for-profit, safe space for evidence-based collaboration, an honest broker between industry, academia and policy makers. The EI is here for anyone who wants to better understand or contribute to the extraordinary energy system on which we all depend.