Strategic Project Solutions (SPS)

Founded in 2000, Strategic Project Solutions (SPS) has enabled customers to effectively deliver some of the world’s most critical projects, from vast energy field developments to complex industrial facilities and major civil engineering works.

By applying our Production Management solutions enabled by SPS|Production Manager, our proprietary suite of software tools, customers are able to compress project durations while reducing cost and use of cash. They achieve this through addressing a significant gap in the current approach to project delivery. Unlike conventional project management functions that focus on the administrative aspects of a project, SPS Project Production Management solutions are built upon an Operations Science foundation, enable better control of cost and time, enhance quality and reduce risk. Learn more.

SPS offers a variety of solutions to effectively map, model, analyze, simulate, optimize and control Project Production Systems from engineering through fabrication and construction / commissioning. Our solutions are also used to understand and influence other types of production systems including processing, manufacturing and job shops all of which are most often elements of a project supply network.