Business Partners


Vision – “To be the one-stop-enterprise for Human-Machine Partnership solutions”

Mission – “To enable society to harness, develop and sustain the human energy pipeline through augmented development”

Our Offerings:
  • Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • Agile Integrated Development
  • Human-Machine Partnership Projects
Our Partners:
Our Founders (year founded 2013):
  • Majed Al Jaberi (Chairman)
  • Nooruddin Ahmed (Managing Partner)
Our Team:
  • Gaurav Prakash Bhatia (India)
  • Iti Rawat (India)
  • Fatima Ahmed (UAE)
Our Works:
  • Marketing
    At CERTERO, we provide a bespoke approach to marketing. We help our Customers to accelerate revenue realization.
  • Solutions
    Every Industry has its own unique range of challenges and we believe that a custom approach allows us to provide purpose-built solutions, we do not believe one-size-fits all,
  • Human-Machine Convergence
    We believe that the new age of Industry that is upon us requires, Humans and Machines to come together and work as partners. Our solutions are driven by harmonious convergence
Our Work Process:
  • Identify opportunity areas with customers
    Our expertise in market research, design, development and management helped us identifying most lucrative opportunities for our clients.
  • Define appropriate solutions
    For each of the typical business demands and requirements of our clients we define, design, develop and deliver appropriate and customized solutions.
  • Educate the stakeholders
    When building robust customer centric business solutions for your business, we always make it a priority to make the solutions accessible for your stakeholders through proper training and skill development.
  • Act with agility
  • We equip businesses to act to any emerging business situation and challenges with an agile and proactive approach.

Development Centre:
   Whitefield, Bangalore
   Karnataka, India

Single Point of Contact (SPOC): Nooruddin Ahmed
Designation: Managing Partner