Refinery Process Fundamentals

Course Details
This course provides a broad overview of the fundamentals of refinery operation and production

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for entry-level chemical engineers, engineers from other disciplines moving into a refining environment, and non-technical personnel seeking a review of the fundamentals of refinery operations.

Course Benefits

Course participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate how key units function
  • Explain the relationship of units in the refinery
  • Discuss on-stream reliability concerns for key units, especially as they relate to the processes
  • Explain temperature and pressure parameters and interpret their effect on unit performance
  • Create a flow diagram of each key unit
  • Describe the impact of each unit on the refinery’s bottom line

Course Topics

Brief history of refining, Properties of crude and products.

Process units covered:
  • Gas Processing Units
  • Crude / vacuum distillation
  • Hydrotreating
  • Reforming
  • Isomerization (C4 and C5 / C6)
  • Alkylation
  • Polymerization
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)
  • Hydrocracking
  • Heavy oil processing
  • Sulfur recovery and treating
  • Aromatics complex
  • Refinery Process Fundamentals
  • Duration: 28-30 AUG 2018
  • Category: Technologies

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