Refinery Business Economics

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This course gives comprehensive knowledge on the variables that affect Refinery Economics including Refinery Configuration, capabilities and constraints.

  • Identify key elements of the refinery business environment
  • Describe a refinery process scheme
  • Identify the refinery planning process
  • Understand the role of linear programming in evaluating refinery projects
  • Rank potential projects for implementation


This course is designed for refinery technical staff who are part of a team responsible for new investment projects and process engineers responsible for the optimization of process units.

  • Refinery business environment overview
  • Crude oil overview - quality, sources, major supply routes, economics, and valuation
  • Refinery margins and crude oil evaluation
  • Introduction to linear programming
  • Refinery process schemes - topping and hydroskimming, cracking and full upgrading options
  • Process unit economics
  • New refinery project economics
  • Investment planning


To ensure an effective virtual learning environment UOP will ensure that the training is delivered in concise virtual sessions to prevent learner fatigue. Each session will consist of short lecture-based delivery of training content, interspersed with ample time for discussion and question and answer time with the instructors.

The training will follow the same highly effective format as is used in the traditional classroom training and all training materials (e.g. slides, handouts, activities) typically used in the classroom course will be made available to participants.

To ensure that the topics can be delivered within the total instructional hours, and to ensure an engaging and interactive learning experience, not all slides will be presented. Instead, some material will be provided as pre-reading by participants with opportunity to discuss any topics or issues raised in the reading material at the beginning of the relevant topic session.

Each session will provide ample opportunity for participants to share their experience, raise operational issues for discussion and ask questions directly to the instructors. UOP may use a variety of instructors throughout to ensure GDA benefits from the broadest depth of UOP expert knowledge.

Dates: 24th – 27th May 2021 (4 Days)
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Bahrain Time
Venue: Microsoft Teams
Fee: USD 2,000 per participant (Special Rate)
*5% VAT will apply
Prerequisites: A computer with Internet access, webcam and audio capabilities.


Kim Diercks is a Training Specialist working at Honeywell UOP in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA. She has been working at UOP for 29 years where she has held various roles within the Technical Services, Research and Development and Training Departments. In her current role as a Training Specialist in UOP’s Training Services group, she is the course owner and instructor for Hydroprocessing and Platforming Technologies. She is also course owner for Oleflex Technology and Control Systems. Kim spent 3 years in R&D working on catalyst development, improving existing processes and doing engineering work.

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She also spent 5 years in Field Services traveling the world helping UOP and customers start-up, troubleshoot and reload their processing units. Kim spent 9 years in Technical Services, and 12 years in the Training Services group.Kim has BS in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (1991). When Kim is not at work, you can find her with her husband and kids spending time outdoors working in the garden, playing or riding bikes. She also enjoys playing games indoors with the family and spending any free time available reading books and dreaming of the hobbies she will pursue when she has even more free time.

  • Refinery Business Economics
  • Duration: 24-27 MAY 2021
  • Category: Technologies

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