Refinery Business Economics

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Refinery Business Economics

This course gives comprehensive knowledge on the variables that affect Refinery Economics including Refinery Configuration, capabilities and constraints.

Course participants will be able to:
  • Identify key elements of the refinery business environment
  • Describe a refinery process scheme
  • Identify the refinery planning process
  • Understand the role of linear programming in evaluating refinery projects
  • Rank potential projects for implementation

  • Refinery business environment overview
  • Crude oil overview - quality, sources, major supply routes, economics, and valuation
  • Refinery margins and crude oil evaluation
  • Introduction to linear programming
  • Refinery process schemes - topping and hydroskimming, cracking and full upgrading options
  • Process unit economics
  • New refinery project economics
  • Investment planning


This course is designed for refinery technical staff who are part of a team responsible for new investment projects and process engineers responsible for the optimization of process units.

Date: 20th – 22th October 2019 (3 Days)
Time: 08:00-16:00 Hrs.
Venue: Wyndham Grand Manama Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain
Fee: USD 3,750 per participant (Special for GDA Members only)
Note: A calculator is required or Mobile Phone Calculator App

20th October 2019 (Day 1)
21st October 2019 (Day 2)
22nd October 2019 (Day 3)
Introduction and Pre-Test Refinery Process Scheme Product Blending
Refinery Business Environment Hydroskimming Refinery Process Process Unit Economics
Crude Oil Evaluation Cracking Refinery Process Process Unit Economics
Refinery Margin Full Conversion Refinery Process Project Planning Benchmarking
Refinery Configuration (Types of Refineries) Refinery Process Schemes Exercise Post Test and Certificates Distribution
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Vempati Satish is the Sr. Manager – Training Services, Technical Services working at UOP Management Services (Saudi Arabia) since 1st October 2010.

Satish primary job function is to arrange, coordinate and analyze UOP training programs to customers in EMEA region. Providing technical training and mentoring to CDP Engineers in UOP ME Offices. Providing Field Safety Training to UOP staff, and teaching UOP Technology training to customers on Hydroprocessing Technologies and Refinery Business Economics course.

Vempati Satish [170x218].png

Technical Services area: Satish has hands-on experience in UOP Hydroprocessing Technologies, has commissioned several UOP units (Hydrotreaters, Hydrocracker units, Penex and CCR Platforming units).

Experience: Satish started working in the Refining and Petrochemicals Industry in India in 1992. He has since held several positions around the world in Plant Operations, Technical Services, and Training Services. Satish has worked in the commissioning of a number of major projects with UOP & Dow Chemicals in India and Overseas. As a Training Specialist, Satish has trained both fresh and experienced Operators and Engineers in various Refineries and Petrochemicals in India, Malaysia and in the Middle East. He has trained Operators and Engineers of different nationalities from Far-East, Middle East and European regions. Satish worked closely with operations department in various industries, identified training needs of those staff and developed training programs using animation in order to facilitate the transfer of information. Satish holds a Master of Science degree in Chemical and a Diploma in Computers, Primavera, MS Projects and 2D & 3D Animations.

As instructor: Instructed 100+ sessions of Refinery Process Fundamentals course, Refinery Business Economics course, Engineer Development courses and HSE courses.

Satish developed and animated Training Slides on Refinery Process Units and HC Chemistry.

Satish is acting as mentor for Fresh engineers, and also providing Field Safety Training for UOP staff.

  • Refinery Business Economics
  • Duration: 20-22 OCT 2019
  • Category: Technologies

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