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UOP – Rotating Equipment


This course delivers the basics of pump and compressor design, theory and applications, the integrity of rotating equipment and learns how to increase the availability through increased reliability.


Refinery and petrochemical plant personnel with limited rotating equipment experience (under 5 years).

  • Design a process system such that the pump will operate reliably and efficiently (this involves understanding NPSH, pump curves and best operating points, pump control)
  • Select the right type of pump for the service (this includes purchasing the most efficient and cost-effective pump for the service)
  • Select and operate the pump safely (this involves selecting the right seals, sealing systems and metallurgy)
  • Recognize condition monitoring benefits
  • Review vendor bid proposals and make the best selection
  • Select the right compressor (centrifugal, reciprocating, screw) for a process service based on capital, utilities and maintenance considerations.
  • Operate compressors efficiently. This involves understanding the various methods of controlling reciprocating, screw and centrifugal compressors.
  • Understand how to operate a compressor safely and reliably and how to design a process system for best compressor reliability.
  • Specify and reliably operate compressor auxiliary systems such as dry gas seals, lube oil systems, anti-surge instrumentation, and alarm and shutdowns.


Pump theory, design, types, hydraulics, hardware, selection, applications, compressor (centrifugal, reciprocating, screw, axial) theory, control, maintenance, selection.

Date: 17th – 19th November 2020 (3 Days)
Time: 08:00-16:00 Hrs.
Venue: Wyndham Grand Manama Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain
Fee: USD 3,750 per participant (Special for GDA Members only)
*5% VAT will apply
Note: A calculator is required or Mobile Phone Calculator App

17th November 2020 (Day 1)
18th November 2020 (Day 2)
19th November 2020 (Day 3)
  • Pumps:
    • Introduction
    • Pump Curves
    • Pump Components
    • Reliability
    • Hydraulics
    • Bearing Oil Mist
    • Pump Selection and Performance
    • Double Suction, Multi-Stage and Sun dyne Pumps
    • Fan Laws
    • Pump Control
    • Troubleshooting
    • Standards
    • Other Pumps
  • Compressors:
    • Type of Compressors
    • Reciprocating Compressors
      • Working Principle
      • Valves
      • Capacity Control
      • Parts
      • Purchasing Compressor
      • Instrumentation
    • Centrifugal Compressors
      • Control
      • Anti-Surge
      • Dry Gas Seals
      • Purchasing Compressor
      • Oil Consoles
      • Parts
    • Axial Compressor Screw Compressor
  • Drivers Selection
    • The problem, Purpose and Objective
    • Considerations for Driver Selection
    • Review Driver Type & Options
    • Assess Utility Consumption
    • Capital Cost Consideration
    • Efficiency consideration
  • Case Studies- Troubleshooting


Bimal Shukla is UOP Senior Rotating Equipment Specialist based in UOP Limited office in UK. Bimal has 19 years’ experience in design and site troubleshooting worldwide of rotating equipment.

Bimal holds Degree of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from India. He is a Chartered Engineer of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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  • Rotating Equipment
  • Duration: 17-19 NOV 2020
  • Category: Technologies

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