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GDA - High Performance Resilience @ Work with Focus on Training Individual and Team Power Skills


Forward looking organisations are reassessing the skills they deem vital to the future success of their employees as a result of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Individuals and teams now need to possess a hybrid set of skills, not just the hard skills of science, technology, engineering and math, but also ‘power skills’ which are acknowledged as a mission critical resource for organisations wishing to survive and thrive.

The challenges from work pressures and personal life can compromise wellbeing, health and safety. In addition, during times of increasing competition and change, being stressed and ‘tired and wired’, usually results in poor decision making and inadequate work performance. Being personally enabled with power skills and resilience techniques to meet those challenges effectively will not only improve performance but will also determine the success of the organisation to outperform the competition.

This international award-winning training:
  • Uses the latest science and research to explain WHY being stressed, whether you feel it or not, will have a detrimental lasting effect not only on your health, wellbeing and safety, but also your performance.
  • Shares scientifically proven tools and best practice, including emotional coherence techniques, so delegates can both learn why and experience how to develop personal resilience - it’s the antidote to being ‘tired and wired’!
  • Promotes the use and development of personal power skills that improves relationships and intrapreneurial activity and ability.

Developing individuals and teams in organisations who possess the necessary power skills, and who can be resilient to change and high pressure, is vital for the future of our industry.

This initially one-day workshop was organised by GDA in October last year and was well received. Some participants even stated that such training should be conducted for the wellbeing of all employees as a ‘Campaign’. Therefore, GDA is repeating this popular workshop this time for a duration of two days in order to cover more of the practical exercises.

Background to this essential training

The people profit chain,
Considerable research confirms that improving personal and team intrapreneurial skills, and their general wellbeing, is directly associated with work related outcomes, specifically by driving high performance and overall organisational effectiveness. The people safety chain,
Individual factors including fatigue and being disengaged can contribute to human errors. The role of human error in accidents within the oil and gas industry has been well documented.

GDA High Performance Resilience @ Work Program with Focus on Training Individual and Team Power Skills:
This GDA hosted training has been specifically designed to support industry employees, at any level, with vital resources that will not only develop personal resilience, but with the additional use of power skills, will improve the overall performance of individuals and teams.

Delegates will have the rationale (why?), the techniques (how?), plus the opportunity to experience through practise these essential skills, contributing to a behaviour change enabling performance at the highest level back at work.

By upskilling delegates with this training, they will be empowered to be resilient to ever increasing work demands and pressure, yet also energised and better equipped to be intrapreneurial so as to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

COURSE BENEFITS - The training outcomes include;
  • Understanding through the use of biofeedback how to measure, monitor and manage your heart rate variability (HRV), achieving a state of ‘coherence’. This has been shown, among other benefits, to increase your ability in potentially stressful times to self-regulate emotions and improve decision making.
  • Gaining the facts relating to what the latest in sleep research is saying about why you may find it difficult to get off to sleep, and why you may wake up a couple of hours later. Also learn how you can improve the quality of your sleep. Good quality sleep is a vital energy resource.
  • Learning the critical factors, you need to employ to ensure how you can change a habit that doesn’t serve you to a more beneficial one that does. How you perform, your health and wellbeing too, is often down to the habits you follow.
  • Discovering the adverse health implications of having increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and how you can protect yourself from both before stress occurs, and in the moment, by using a number of psychological and physiological resilience techniques.
  • Practising various techniques that enhance your ability to think and focus clearly, feel grounded and in control when under pressure, so improving the ability to perform at one’s best. One of the techniques has also been shown to statistically significantly improve the immune system.
  • Improving your self-awareness. If you fully understand who you are, you then understand why you behave in the way that you do. With this understanding, you can then adapt your behaviour to improve relationships - vital if you are in a position of leadership or working in a team.

Studies conducted with over 11,500 people have shown statistically significant improvements in psychological, physiological and emotional wellbeing using the techniques from this training.

56% drop in depression symptoms 38% improvement in calmness
48% drop in fatigue 30% improvement in sleep
46% drop in anxiety symptoms 24% improvement in the ability to focus

“It was a great workshop and I really benefited from it. It will help me change my lifestyle and kickstart regular meditation.” Noor Ali Abdulrahman Mohamed (Bapco)“I’ll be writing to my colleagues and speaking to Occupational Health about promoting this as a mandatory training day, it was THAT GOOD.” Skanska (Construction)

“Our workforce have responded very well to this development, with some commenting that this has been the best training session they have attended. The organisation has a real buzz about the learning from the day and about the impact on staff at work and on their wellbeing in general. Approximately 80% of our entire workforce have now attended the training and have reported on it’s positive effects.” NHS - Essex CCG (UK Health)

“What started as one module in our leadership development pathway has become a corporate program rolled out across the Company at all levels from Execs to front line operators.” Southern Water (UK Utility)

Date: 08th – 09th March 2020
Time: 08:00-16:00 Hrs.
Venue: Wyndham Grand Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Fee: USD 2,100 for GDA Members
USD 2,500 for Non-Members
*5% VAT will apply
Note: Delegates should bring their own (corporate / personal) iPad, iPhone or Android. All attendees will receive their own biofeedback unit (value $157) to connect to their smart phone / iPad.
Delegates will learn and experience how to develop ‘coherence’ during the training session and can keep the provided biofeedback tool after the training session to continue their personal ‘coherence’ development.

8th March 2020 (Day 1)
9th March 2020 (Day 2)
Introduction Adapting to change
Biofeedback set up Biofeedback 3rd Session
Biofeedback 1st session Dealing with worry or anxiety
Mental Health First Aid Psychological Resilience
Stress vs Resilience Sleep Quality
5 Ways to Wellbeing Self-awareness and relationships
Changing habits Critical Thinking
Improving Focus and Attention Biofeedback 4th session
Physiological Resilience Grounding technique
Emotional Coherence Q & A
Biofeedback 2nd session
Q & A


Companies’ workforces, particularly senior executive leaders and managers.

Roddy Macmillan Herbert is founder and CEO of Koru International, a health and workplace wellness consulting firm specialising in internationally award-winning training (High Performance Resilience @ Work) that improves organisational performance by focusing on developing the overall resilience of employees in the workplace, and developing power skills to improve performance. Roddy_Herbert.jpg
By using the latest science and research, the why, and sharing the tools and techniques, the how, Roddy’s programme shows how personal resilience can be the antidote to feeling ‘tired and wired’, and along with the use of power skills, improve performance, health and wellbeing.
A successful career on main boards and in senior management roles in the Corporate, SME and 3rd Sectors is combined with professional qualifications in Business Management, Executive Coaching and Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling. This experience and verifiable success give Roddy a valuable and unique perspective on how to develop personal resilience in the workplace.

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Roddy Macmillan Herbert presenting at the GDA International Downstream Conference & Exhibition 2018 in the presence of H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, Kingdom of Bahrain.



The 1st GDA-KORU “High Performance Resilience @ Work” Workshop held on 17th October 2019 in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • High Performance Resilience @ Work
  • Duration: 08-09 MAR 2020
  • Category: Leadership and People Development

High Performance Resilience @ Work

Koru International/Certero
17 OCT 2019