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Course Overview

Big Data Framework is an independent organization dedicated to upskilling individuals with expertise in Big Data. The partnership was formed in response to high demand for expertise in extracting valuable insight from large volumes of enterprise data, and the need to be able to apply it to any platform required.


This Enterprise Big Data Professional course includes a practical understanding of Big Data concepts and technologies, and will prepare participants to:

1.       Explain the history and context of Big Data in comparison to traditional data analysis techniques and solutions.

2.       Describe the fundamental characteristics of data analysis, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence and the differences between these concepts.

3.       Describe how to formulate a Big Data strategy that underpins the business drivers of Big Data and Big Data solutions in order to capture the value proposition of Big Data.

4.       Discuss the high-level principles and design elements of contemporary Big Data architectures and explain their core benefits.

5.       Explain fundamental Big Data algorithms and processing techniques in order to select the appropriate techniques to solve practical Big Data problems.

6.       Identify how to apply the Big Data processes that are necessary in enterprise organizations to capture value from massive quantities of data.

7.       Explain key functions, roles and competencies in organizations that are necessary to capture long-term value from Big Data.

8.       Understand the importance and concept of Artificial Intelligence and its relation to Big Data methods and solutions.


Who Should Attend?

Enterprise Big Data training and certification is designed for organizations and individuals that want to become proficient in enterprise analytics, machine learning and big data.

The framework is specifically designed for enterprise organizations that store massive quantities of data & are looking to enhance their big data capabilities. This certification suits the following roles:

1.       Decision Makers, from operational to middle management to executives to C-level, including projects and operations

2.       Data Analysts

3.       Project Managers

4.       Business Analysts

5.       Digital Marketeers

6.       IT Professionals

7.       Everyone who wants to learn more about Big Data


Course Topics

1.      Module 1: Introduction to Big Data

2.      Module 2: The Big Data Framework

3.      Module 3: Big Data Strategy

4.      Module 4: Big Data Architecture

5.      Module 5: Big Data Algorithms

6.      Module 6: Big Data Processes

7.      Module 7: Big Data Functions

8.      Module 8: Artificial Intelligence

Click here to download the course detailed syllabus


Course Benefits

Enterprise Big Data Framework training & certification provides delegates with a strong foundation of the fundamental concepts & theories of big data, supporting them & their organization in leveraging the potential benefits, which include:

1.      Discovery of new patterns and data relationships impacting the business

2.      A greater understanding of customers to more precisely target products & services

3.      Enhanced decision-making by collecting more exact and detailed information

4.      Greater ability to accurately predict business outcomes & trends

5.      Accelerated identification & correction of operational problems

6.      Improved development of new & existing products & services







24-25 Aug 2022 (2 days)




Microsoft Teams or Zoom Pro


Virtual Option:

USD 1,600 per participant (Special rate for GDA Members Only)

USD 1,800 per participant (Special rate for GDA Non-Members)

Virtual Option:

USD 2,400 per participant (Special rate for GDA Members Only)

USD 2,600 per participant (Special rate for GDA Non-Members)

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Meet Your Trainer




·       Author of the Enterprise Big Data Framework

·       CEO and co-founder of Cybiant


Jan-Willem Middelburg is the CEO and co-founder of Cybiant. He started Cybiant
with the mission to make a more sustainable world for the Next Generation using data and automation.
He authored and co-authored numerous books, including Serious Gaming (2013), The Service Automation Framework (2017) and recently The Enterprise Big Data Framework (2018). A pioneer and advocate for professionalization in Automation and Big Data, he is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator at universities and technology conferences around the world. Also, he has been an accredited trainer for over 10+ years in both Europe and Asia.

Jan-Willem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from the Rotterdam School of Management and is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Prof. Ibrahim Kebbe

·       An APMG International Accredited Trainer for Enterprise Big Data Professional®

·       Simplifying Business Analytics | Enabling Corporate Complex Decision Making

·       Project Management and Big Data Expert

·       Optimizing Portfolio & Operations Management Expert

Prof. Ibrahim has over 25 years of experience and accumulated more than two decades of academic development & corporate training in the Construction, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Education. A full Professor and prolific researcher in the areas of Management Science, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. He instructs a large spectrum of academic\corporate material covering the former areas plus Research Methods, Big Data & Analytics, Operations Research, Operations Management, Numerical Analysis and Risk Management. He is also a Risk & Project Management Consultant and Management Sciences and Metaheuristics Consultant\ Researcher.


“This was my first introduction to Big Data, and I found the course extremely useful. Even with no background, I learned the different aspects of Big Data. Thanks for letting me participate in this course.” ~ Omar Qudimat

“Engaging trainer who able to answer questions – theoretical & practical. Overall was good.”
~ Nur Farahin Mohd Bakri

“I like that the course covers the important topics and not going too deep into the concepts but the content is also easy to digest and absorb.” ~ Jason Lim


  • Enterprise Big Data Professional - EBDP®
  • Duration: 24-25 AUGUST2022
  • Category: Technologies


Dr. Oleg Konovalov
7 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2022