Aspen PIMS: Introduction to Refinery Planning (RPA101)

Course Details

Course Overview

Develop skills to build refinery Linear Programming (LP) planning models in PIMS to solve and generate optimum plans including evaluating alternative crudes, intermediate feedstocks, outside blendstocks, process unites, products, and markets. Review data tables and structures required to build and maintain a model for developing crude distillation architecture, product blending, typical refinery process units, pooling, vector and delta-based models, including interpreting and analyzing the LP solutions. Apply modifications, create, and add structure to several AspenTech PIMS models depending on the topic covered.

Course Benefits

Course participants will be able to:

  • Learn LP fundamentals

  • Gain familiarity with key Aspen PIMS tables and formats

  • Develop simple Aspen PIMS model and understand how the matrix structures are generated

  • Execute and troubleshoot various case scenarios and analyze information from Aspen PIMS reports

  • Perform basic economic evaluations

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for technical as well as non-technical personnel who have no experience in linear programming. Also, this course provides a person who is knowledgeable in LP (but not necessarily knowledgeable in Aspen PIMS) with a quick way to gain a good understanding of the system.

Course Topics

  • Overview of Aspen PIMS

  • Review of Linear Programming Concepts

  • Processing Economic Concepts

  • Aspen PIMS User Interface

  • Row and Column Names in the Aspen PIMS Matrix

  • Aspen PIMS Data Tables and Table Format

  • Aspen PIMS Supply and Demand Tables

  • Case Stacking

  • Product Blending

  • Process Submodels

  • Yields that Vary with Feed Quality (Base-Delta)

  • Pooling and Recursion

  • Parameter Rows

  • Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Aspen PIMS Crude Distillation Tables, Assay Management, Miscellaneous Tables and Analytics

  • Summary of Aspen PIMS additional features (PPIMS, MPIMS, XPIMS, PIMS AO)

Course Agenda 

5th Sep 2021  

(Day 1)

6th Sep 2021

 (Day 2)

7th Sep 2021

 (Day 3)

8th Sep 2021

 (Day 4)

9th Sep 2021

 (Day 5)

Common problems solved by PIMS and review of linear programming concepts

What is the impact on profit of a specific constraint

How to build simple refinery process operations

How to calculate and report data

How to troubleshoot models

How to solve a feed valuation problem

How to evaluate the break-even value of crude purchases

How to build complex refinery operations in which yields change based on feed quality

How to evaluate a new crude oil

How to avoid potential pitfalls


How to model a blending process used in refineries

How to calculate the volume/weight and properties of a feed pool

How to manage crude assay data

How to model multiple periods, refineries, and use advanced optimization

More details on course agenda can be found here.


  5th – 9th September 2021 (5 days)


8AM to 4PM Bahrain Time




  USD 2,500 per participant (Special rate for members)

  USD 3,000 per participant (Special rate for non-members)

  *5% VAT will apply.


-   A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, together with a general awareness of the interaction between refining technology operations and planning is strongly suggested.

-     A computer with Internet access, webcam and audio capabilities.

Meet your Trainer

Name: Maryuri Nunes

Work Experience:

  • Feb 2018 – Currently - Aspen Technology Company, Position: Senior Technical Consultant. Petroleum Supply Chain (PSC) suite of products (e.g. Aspen PIMS, Aspen Petroleum Scheduler). 

  • 2003 – 2017 - Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (the Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas company, PDVSA), Employee, Department of Trading and Supply

  • Dec 2015 – Feb 2017 - Position: Economics and Products Planning Analyst.

  • Aug 2012 – Dec 2015 - PETROPIAR (a joint venture 70% PDVSA, 30% CHEVRON), Position: Commercial Advisor.

  • Feb 2009 – Aug 2012 - Position: Commercial Analyst


Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Mar 2004 – July 2006 – Specialization in Oil Politics and International Oil Trade.

  • Mar 1993 – July 1999 - Chemical Engineer

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