Aspen HYSYS Advanced Process Modeling Topics (EHY202)

Course Details

Course objectives

This course will help you prepare for the certification exam and the exam fee is waived with this course.

Learn how to use and apply advanced modelling techniques to enhance your simulation. Create models that emulate plant conditions. Create custom column templates, including non-standard configurations. Optimize process conditions to meet one or more process constraints. Perform complex calculations on flowsheet variables using the HYSYS Spreadsheet. Integrate rigorous heat exchanger models into a standard flowsheet. Use the Depressuring Analysis to predict pressures and temperatures inside process vessels during pressure let-downs and emergency conditions.

Course Overview

Learn how to use and apply advanced modelling techniques to enhance new and existing Aspen HYSYS flowsheets


  • Create custom column configurations
  • Perform complex calculations and analyses using the Spreadsheet operation and Case Study tool
  • Learn how to optimize your Aspen HYSYS simulation
  • Model liquid carryover and imperfect separation
  • Simulate vessel depressurization and complex relief scenarios
  • Build PSV Datasheets 
  • Model Multiphase pumps and Wet gas Compressors 

Who should attend?

  • Process engineers who need advanced skills for more complex modelling tasks
  • Current HYSYS users looking to build upon their knowledge of basic steady-state procedures in Aspen HYSYS


  • Instruction on key topics
  • An experienced instructor will select an appropriate order in which to present the modules
  • Discussion about the general approach and the key elements for successful simulations
  • Instructor-guided demonstrations of various features
  • Comprehensive modeling-based workshops covering all key course topics
  • A full set of detailed course notes on all topics is provided

Dates: 22nd – 23rd November 2021 (2 days)
Time: 8AM to 4PM Bahrain Time
Venue: Virtual
Fee: USD 1,000 per participant (Special rate for members)
USD 1,200 per participant (Special rate for non-members)
*5% VAT will apply.
Prerequisites: A computer with Internet access, webcam and audio capabilities.

Meet Your Tainer

Name: David Paor

Work Experiance:

AspenTech Ltd. UK (Technical Consultant) - Current

  • Delivered in-built optimization techniques to maximize profit of real plants

  • Setup process model techniques to decrease plant operation costs

  • Scoped software enhancement procedure to identify critical software failures

  • Increased efficiency of processes by identifying the constraining areas

Continental AG, Hungary (Project Manager)

  • Design and Process validation of state-of-the-art satellite sensors for BMW, Daimler, NIO and JLR

  • Kick-off mass production of advanced satellite sensors for BMW, Daimler, JLR (million sensors per annum)

  • Analog-digital transformation for acceleration sensors for BMW, Daimler, McLaren (million sensors per annum)

OT Industries, Hungary (Process Engineer)

  • Increased capacity of nitric acid plant from 1500 to 1800 tonne/day

  • Feasibility study for a 15 tonne/h supercritical fluid pipeline transportation system

Honeywell Automation Ltd, Hungary (Process Engineer)

  • Upgraded simulation model for an Operator Training System in a well-known refinery

Education and professional Certificates

University of Pannonia, Hungary

MSc Process Engineering (1st - accredited by British IChemE)   2013

BSc Process Engineering (2:1 - accredited by British IChemE)   2011


  • Aspen HYSYS Advanced Process Modeling Topics (EHY202)
  • Duration: 22-23 NOVEMBER 2021
  • Category: Plant, Reliability and Integrity

Aspen HYSYS Process Modeling (EHY101)

11-13 OCTOBER 2021